Is Document Management Boring?

Some people believe that document management is one of the driest topics in the world. I’ve found that it depends on the documents and on the people you impact along the way.

Whether that be the developer that I was six years ago or the consultant that I am today I’ve found that document management can be one of the areas where you can make a real impact into someone’s day to day working life. I’ve digitised social work case note files, crafted workflow processes that not only allow electronic processing at each stage by the back of office teams but allow the member of the public who submitted an application to view the outcomes instantly. At the moment I’m working with hospital trusts taking the paper notes and turning them into an easily accessible format – searchable, annotated, workflowed and mobile due to the use of tablet devices.

For the people who use the systems they can save hours a day by not moving paper files around or trying to figure out just what to do with a case note when it lands across their desk. Three simple stages: Scanning, Accessing and Workflow make all the difference here and a system that gets it right becomes invisible to the user. I’ve seen sheer delight when a manager scans in her post at the start of a user acceptance test knowing that her team will have it routed automatically to them. I’ve seen amazement when a clinician searches an OCRed case note for aspirin and sees all patient letters with the term highlighted in front of him.

So document management boring? Not from the stories I can tell and the people who I see – look beyond the paper and see the difference

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