Moo Cards

After seeing Andrea’s mini Moo cards at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper the other week I decided that I needed to get some personal business cards done up and went for Moo’s mini card range.

The idea behind them is that you can have up to six lines of text for your personal details and choose various pictures for the card backs either from a range created by various designers or from a photostream on Flickr. I must admit I had great fun in selecting and cropping various pictures to use on my own cards.

For the personal details side I finally decided on including my name, phone number, email, website and twitter address. Most of the people that I will ever hand them out to will be online and if they ever need my postal address they can easily request it. Twitter name was an interesting one for me to include as I’ve only been using the service for a few months but has already become a keystone in my communications so it was a must to include.

The cards arrived this morning and I’m completely delighted with them. The card quality and print clarity is incredible and I’m really glad that I went with them. They’re already causing a stir to everyone that sees them and lots of people on twitter are already asking to see pictures, and no I haven’t been paid to write this post- just one happy customer.


Moo Cards

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