The Power of Word of Mouth

At one Gateway meeting several years ago someone suggested sending letters about our club to the various special needs schools in our area, letting them know that we existed and asking if they would mind passing the word onto their pupils and parents. One of our leaders at the time, a special needs teacher herself, urged caution as parents who found out about the club via their school might feel as if we had been vetted by the school in some way lending an air of affiliation with gateway that the school could not uphold. Taking the point onboard it was decided to leave the idea at that and move on.

Recently the conversation has re-entered my mind as two special needs schools have separately contracted me asking for information on Gateway and one has went as far as publishing my details in their Christmas bulletin, which has already resulted in being contacted by an interested parent.

I am overjoyed at the interest that is currently spreading about Gateway especially as it all seems to be word of mouth- the highest recommendation there is. I hope it will continue for years to come but the words of my friend years ago remains fresh and therefore I will continue to have an open door for people to contact me rather than actively seeking attention- it seems to be working so far!

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