Gateway: Ten Pin Bowling Trip

8 sleepy leaders and 15 hyperactive children made for a great ten pin bowling trip this week. With many of the members practicing the week before on the club’s new wii and the distraction of the game machines dotted around the bowling lanes we knew that we would have our hands full. We weren’t wrong.

Our timings were almost too perfect and we arrived in Glengormley with half an hour before the bowling venue opened. Never to miss an opportunity to visit MacDonalds next door we piled in to drinks all round. Some of the more sensible leaders went with tea and coffee and with the morning being so cold I don’t blame them. Just as our members started to get restless the bowling alley opened and we were able to get the lanes set up.

The great thing with having lots of leaders at the moment is that I was able to sort out some lunch with the venue’s cafe safe in the knowledge that everything else was being sorted. When I arrived back everything was in full swing and I was able to join in the fun at my own lane. It was great to see the more able members helping out the less able and there was serious competition brewing among the older members, all good natured of course.

All too soon the hour was up and it was time for lunch. I had ordered chips and drinks and the bowling alley were kind enough to let us eat down by the lanes so there was plenty of room for everyone. Once finished and after a game or two of air hockey it was time for home again. 

This has to be one of the first trips that I’ve organised where everything has went to plan and to schedule. I can only thank the leaders with me for that. All round a really successful day.

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